Lemon Curd and Croquet

March 1, 2008

I made it through day two. The jet lag kept me in bed for 12 hours last night! I woke up after a windy night to the birds singing and the sun shining in my window. For breakfast I had toast with lemon curd marmelade, quite good actually! Verity and I chatted as philip was to the dump with DIY (Do it Yourself) remnants.  When he came home it was about 11:30 and time for “half past eleven-sies” as he said.  The senior pastors of the church came for coffee to visit and even brought me a welcome plant!   It was much like being planted in a Coronation Street episode – only better. Its real people who are loving and funny and excited to have me here.

Verity and I walked downtown (about 20 min) today to show me where the train station and main shops, and of course Starbucks are. It was very busy and I kept running the internal dialogue “you’re not here to shop Lani!” She did however point out where the local theatre is which I shall attack on Monday.  I think I will have to make one day a week my London day, as its quite expensive. The others will be writing, research and exploring of other parts – and workshops for which I am still researching more beyond March for.  Verity has already mentioned a trip down to Dorset, southern coast to visit her sister.

The houses are all as you’d imagine – low foundation, wooden gates covered in creeping vines, brick and with so much character.  Most of the homes are late 1800’s. The one I am in was built in 1924 and under much reno’s right now. I saw an older gentleman today riding his bike wearing a berret and just smiled.  The grocery carts even have spaces for flowers and baguettes! Philip has offered to teach me saxophone and croquet!

There is definitely culture shock, but mostly fascination.  I am learning new words – like for baked potato its a jacket potato. Chips are crips. And semi truck is a lori. I would never attempt yet to drive here as the round-abouts completely confuse my linear mind!

I shall post some pictures likely on monday of the house and Chelmsford 🙂

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  • sarah t March 2, 2008 at 9:45 PM

    KEEP BLOGGING!!! I love hearing it! I feel like I get to take just even a small part in the dream with you… live it!!!

  • Ricki McLarty March 3, 2008 at 4:00 PM

    Oh Lani… it all sounds so wonderful!! Definitely keep writing as I can truly picture myself there through your words. You are such an amazing writer! ps…. I started another book this weekend and surprise, surprise… the two people who fell in love went walking through Hyde Park before venturing on to Bath!!! =)

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