A night with English literature

March 4, 2008

It is the wee hours of the morning and Verity and I have just finished a marathon of Charlotte Bronte’s “Jane Eyre”….I was spellbound so we couldn’t stop! What an amazing story of truth and love and the passion of a girl’s heart
Tonight Verity and I were talking of English literature and her favourites. I think I am going to learn a lot from her! We talked of art being such an expression of the artist, be it a painting or writing of sorts, and isn’t necessarily considered at the time of creation to be moral or cultural….just art. But, one hundred years or a thousand from now, it could be looked on as contradictory, when at the time of birth it was really just a heart’s expression.
Art is an expression of oneself. It is a vulnerability that an artist must bend its knee to in order to grow; to be open. To show one’s true colours, whether they be sunshine yellow on a good day or misty grey in a valley, is to realize that the creating of something, anything, that comes from the heart is an extension of your inside core – out for all the world to see. It is the most transparent place to be, yet the most fulfilling. To be able to freely say “This is me!” without hindrance or hesitation, this is art. This to me is to be true to oneself.
Verity quoted her favourite woman of all time, Elizabeth the 1st, during a time of conflict:
“I might have the body of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart of a King, and that of the King of England!”
One cannot be afraid to follow the heart, for in it God leads to greater heights and deeper depths than day-to-day existence can grant fortune.

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