A windy day in London Town – All I can say…

March 12, 2008

Hopping aboard the tram for the second day to London, I took the pleasure of people watching again. The man across from me was dressed in a black tailored suit and fixated on the reports in front of him as he tapped the highlighter against his pencil-thin lips. Interesting.
It took me 2.5 hours door to door to get to the film company in Beckenham, south greater-London. I rung number 50 and walked up the steps confident I could do what was set before me – again. Tina at Straight Curve was very accommodating and offered me a couple small shoots, if I can make it, to be a “runner” – since I have no experience yet. Hey, I’m happy to lick shoes if it gets me on a film set…not much of an understatement either! I am going to do a day scriptwriting workshop with them in April, and likely one of the film shoots for experience. What they do is train others in film camps and scriptwriting through hiring tutors and then further work with their students to produce films and submit them in film festivals.
When I got back to main London the wind almost blew me away! I crossed London Bridge, walked to Tower Bridge and Tower of London. Such history…and I again saved that tour for a day when friends are with me. I felt I had scrambled enough for someone to take a good picture of me! Can no one zoom?
I walked through corporate London feeling a little out of place but all the same fascinated. I grabbed a Costa coffee to warm up, Italian origination, and continued. I was surrounded by business men wearing blue or yellow ties, my personal favourites, and long wool coats. Professional women wearing pencil skirts and talking on their cell phone were just as common.
Taking the train home tonight I was a little melancholy. I am having a great time in England, yet ever cognizant of my thankful heart for home and my roots and my Canada. I know I am here for a reason, but I think today was one of those days when the ocean gap seems huge and my heart is a bit lonely. Honestly. No sugar coating.
Walking home in the dark after another lovely day on the dream road, all I could feel was “I wish you were here.”

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  • Ryan & Kathy March 23, 2008 at 1:14 AM

    One day when you least expect it he will appear and sweep you off of your feet – I know it – its coming soon dear …

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