Cigar smoke, Performing Arts and a Prune Casserole

March 31, 2008

. greet the morning with croakiness.
. walk the 20 minutes to the train station. again. aim for oxford street to get the shopping day started.
. pass couple making out on street corner. why, why, why? (said with the voice of Chandler from Friends)
. realize this city smells of cigar smoke, men’s cologne and the sea.
. have pleasant conversation with man on train to north london. he asked if i was a yank, but it sounded more like ‘yunk’. i quickly confirmed i was canadian.
. have AMAZING tour of performing arts facility newly built in the barnett borough of london called ‘arts depot’. a performing arts college, apartments, cafe, smaller studio, mainstage theatre, dance studios and educational facility – it is my dream! i kindly asked if they’d like to franchise to canada. no response.
. back shopping. realize one small bag is missing. only worth £6, but still. starbucks to soothe the disappointment of either dropping it or being robbed.
. realize painful ankles are now numb from the miles walked.
. find killer rust-coloured ballet flats. purchase.
. assume i am intelligent and on the right train home. reading henry james. not so brilliant, there goes number 12 out the terminal! forced to wait another 30 minutes for next train. cherry danish to soothe this time.
. home to eat prune casserole leftovers (not that bad actually).

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