Tea at the Ritz

April 26, 2008

You know the one. You’ve walked it in your dreams. You’ve sipped it on the porch in late fall. You’ve heard it at the orchestra in the city. The Ritz. High Tea. Ave Maria.

I had a most amazing, life-changing experience this week. High Tea at the Ritz London. We, Ryan, Kathy and I, had rushed through a busy day of Buckingham Palace, Winston Churchill Museumand wandering London – and gave ourselves 10 minutes to get ready. Brilliant right? Nothing, not even lack of prep-time, could steal the sheer joy of walking into a grande hotel where they are actually expecting you and feeling much like royalty for the next two hours. The gold-leaf ornate moulding, the tapestry on the walls, fountains and three-string orchestra filling your ears with constant delights made me shiver in my heels that this dream did indeed, also come true. God is SO good hey?

You are seated at a round table with a silver, three-tier tray, tea-cup and saucer and napkin awaiting your lap. The handsome waiter asks you what tea you fancy and brings you constant finger sandwiches, scones and desserts. I tried so hard to be proper and we all succeeded at not dropping, spilling, or tripping anything! Victory! We kept strong posture, talked dreams and purpose and how we could bring this experience to Red Deer and Canada. There really is nothing like it. The ladies washroom was all soft pink and ivory, marble countertops and wicker baskets with handtowls. The walls were painted with naked bodies swimming amongst the lilypads – there is alot of naked bodies in London – on walls.

After tea, and watching the waiters so gracefully change the linens, we wandered the carpet peering into glass cases filled with brilliant diamonds and pearls. We bid adieu and thank you to the front desk, and we were ushered chivalously out to the night air of London.

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