Aye, Irish Moments

May 12, 2008

– Meeting our third cousin for the first time and feeling indeed that we were family.
– Seeing the shipyard where Titanic was built and imagining the lost who sailed from that sea on their last voyage.
– Loving the brilliant warm weather all week! Very unexpected!
– Eating Puffs cereal our first morning while looking out the dining room window onto dairy cows grazing across the street. How calming is that?!
– Dancing in the cold Irish sea and wishing I could take it home with me!
– Noticing the plethera of tattooed men; much more than in England. Or perhaps everyone in England just hides the ink?
– Walking the rope bridge on the northern coast of Ireland. I am not a fan of heights!
– Wishing for a PS I Love You moment. Should I just pretend to be lost?
– Laughing when we met another cousin and tried to figure out how he was related. Rhonalyn said “So are you our third cousin once removed or what?” He responded “No just cousin. We don’t remove people here.” What does removed mean anyway!? He also sported some tattoos.
– The greasy-spoon stand selling Fish and Hips. Or maybe it was the fish’s hips…
– Sunset on the coast. And God never ceasing to amaze me at His creation. The world is a wonder.
– Deciding to “wing it” down to Dublin with bags packed and no accomodations booked. A B&B was provided and proved perfect. I am learning a “plan” isn’t always necessary. Ok, TRYING to learn.
– The Wicklow Mountains. You should go.
– Doors of Dublin. Oh so colorful. I want a red door on my house!
– Finding the perfect traditional Irish music, yet again, at the last minute. YEY for Galway Girl! I wanted to get up and jig but would’ve been the only one. Oh well. I jigged in my heart.
– My leprachaun travel-partners. You guys were good for a laugh!
– Really, the trip of a lifetime.

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  • chelsey May 12, 2008 at 6:40 PM

    Lani, I just want you to know that I have been living vicariously through you for the last month and a half. I cannot WAIT to come and visit and hear about every step of the way!! Travel safe and talk to as many strangers as possible =)

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