That Thing You Do

June 26, 2008

Sometimes life doesn’t turn out like you think it should. Plan A, B and C are suddenly skipped and you arrive at K wondering what to do next. Sometimes “the next chapter” has a different synopsis and you end it thinking “Where did that come from?” Good or bad. I am learning that taking it a day at a time, trusting the unknown to God Who knows it all from beginning to end, is much more comforting and less stressful. I was reading in my journal tonight from last October when a verse in Deut 8:6-8 stuck out to me: “God has chosen you as His very own special treasure. Simply because He loves you…” That verse meant something to me then. And in January when I had decided to go to England, He reminded me again of His promise by a random draft I found in my blog when I first created it. I had no idea where it came from, but obviously He was trying to talk to me! Tonight I re-read my journal entry from last October and I was again ever conscious of my loving Father who has a plan, loves me to bits and just wants me to delight in Him and His will.

Here is a snippet from that journal entry:

“I was eating my Lay potato chips, with dip of course, and it was like God says. I SO love you. I love the way you get this craving to snack at 10 o’clock at night….hmmm, what else would He say, to me, His daughter….


I love the way you color coordinate your closet. It’s that meticulous order you like that makes up bits of who you are. But there’s more. I love the way you shave your legs every day because it’s for you and no one else. No one needs to know the things you do just for you, but I see it. I adore you, my daughter. I love the way you laugh. Its like a song in my ears – I’ve made it as unique as your walk or your fingerprint. I gave that to you.

I love how when you think no one is watching, you’ll turn on the music extra loud and dance. Vacuum in hand, or my Word in hand, you dance. I gave you that jump to your step. Even when you were a little girl, you danced around, bringing pleasure to everyone who stopped to admire. Please don’t lose that spring, as the simple things that delight you, often delight Me too.

I love that when you’ve had a rough day and you feel like you can’t please anyone, you come to me first. My shoulders are big enough for your tears. I WANT YOU to come to Me. My heart aches when yours aches. If we share it, its much easier for you my daughter.

I love the way your heart breaks for my people in other countries, whom you’ve never met. I am still their Father, even though their luxury is a roof over their head. Please, use this heart to show others that their resources are given to them for a reason. Millions of my babies are dying every day and I need people to use their voices. I need you to be My hands and feet to these children I so desperately love. Don’t forget them.

The things you despise about yourself, or think absolutely unlovable, I adore. I’ve made you exactly the way I wanted. Quit wishing it away and wasting valuable time and effort on things I really don’t want you to change anyway. I love you. I love your cheekiness because it makes people laugh. I love your quietness, because sometimes people need to feel calm. I love your idiosyncrasies that you think no man could ever love. He will. Your husband is a great man. I know him well. He’s on his way, don’t worry. I’ve been writing your story for a while.

My daughter, I simply love you. I treasure you. All of you. Every wobbly bit. Every freckled bit. I love it. I delight in you. My greatest pleasure is when you delight in Me.”


So I say to whatever random person reads this, that that thing you do when no one is watching or cares, is adored by the One who created you. Don’t wish it away. You are His special treasure.

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  • Jennifer Bouti lier July 15, 2008 at 5:13 AM

    Wow, I love this entry Lani! I started creating this big ‘I AM’ poster after Chad and Christy spoke about Wreckless words, and the one verse jumped out at me when you mentioned treasured. I am definitely trying now to look more at the positive sides of my life and even the things that I don’t like about myself, I am going to start thinking that I was made that way

  • Rikki Beam September 1, 2008 at 4:55 AM

    OMIGOODNIS LANI!!! this is just what I needed! I was sitting here looking through my “favorites” link thinger and I realized that I hadn’t read through your blog in quite some time… I went from quite laughter (as to not disturb anyone else doing their own thing in the living room) because I can see you dancing with a vacuum and imagine most of the other things… well lets just say I went from that to having to wipe a tear away because it reminds me of how much God loves me for all of my little things… its definitely an encouragement and I am SO glad that you put it up.
    I love you greatly! talk to you soon

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