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Camping with the Fam

July 14, 2008

It had been a while since my fam has gone camping – about five years – and we had phrases and moments when you just have to laugh or be glad. We ventured south to Elkwater, southern Alberta.  Let’s see … moments such as …


  • The point in the drive down, or on any road trip, usually after 2.25 hours, where the camera always comes out – due to boredom. Anything within shooting distance is a victim to the lens whether they, or it, likes it or not! Feet. Clouds. Random horses along the side of the road who appear as though chewing peanut butter. Yes. Boredom is cause for great antics!
  • “Can you pass me the worms?” Betcha never thought you’d say that, hey Britt!?
  • Getting to our cabin and feeling relieved it was better than expected.
  • Helping Dad and Mom learn to swim, and relax, in the pool.
  • When Dad’s great new purchase – a ’72 thunderbolt motorboat – started to fill up with water, moments from shore. “Dad go back! Go back!” as we’re frantically trying to scoop the water OUT of the boat. Me, taking pictures to send to the guy who sold it to Dad to proove he sold my Dad a dud. Turns out, the plug was in wrong. Away we went again.
  • Jack Shiz, my brother Britt’s catch of the day, or so we named him.  “Put him back! Oh, poor guy.” Yeah. Don’t take women fishing.
  • My poor poor sunburned legs that never get to see the daylight in an office job!
  • Smores. Mmmm. Guitar. Mmmm. ‘nuf said.
  • Smart alec cheeky remarks that aren’t allowed to be posted. Too bad. You had to be there.

Yes, it was a great time with the fam. Next trip? A mountain cabin for skiing? Though my family doesn’t really ski. Tropical paradise? Perhaps. A warm autumn day on the farm with the smells of harvest, sound of crickets and wind in the poplars? Definitely. Can’t wait.

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  • teeveebee July 16, 2008 at 4:10 AM

    Hi Lani,
    Camping is a wonderful way to enjoy you family’s company. We used to camp all the time when our kids were little. And we were hard core tent campers! Campfires. S’Mores. Fishing. Hiking. Lots of good memories.

    Have fun!

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