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August 18, 2008

We went home for Grandpa’s funeral last week, and although a sad intention for going there, it was a great week with lots of tears, laughs and memories. Here’s a few things I remember…

. driving home through the night, we stopped in Medicine Hat for supper around 10:00pm. I had Wendy’s and Rhonalyn was going for McDonald’s. We were beyond tired, so everything was funny at that point. I’m quickly downing my dry chicken and fries while we pull up to McDee’s to order. Rhonalyn is laughing so hard all she can get out is “I’ll have a cheeeezzze……” She looked at me and we’re both laughing silently (so hard when nothing comes out!) and she drives away. The lady lifts the window as we drive by, wondering what was going on. She settled for a $3 drumstick. Arriving at the farm at 3:30am. Ugh.

. saying good-bye to Grandpa before the funeral began. Grandma was incredibly strong all week. She amazes me. One neighbour at the funeral said “Now there’s a couple who fulfilled their destiny by being together. They were made for eachother.” How right he is. Words like “he was our hero”, “he was always happy”, “he loved so deeply”. There were over 200 people there. Some started dancing with Grandma as they gave her a hug. Some I hadn’t seen over ten years! What a legacy Grandpa left. So thankful.

. the wind in the poplars on the cool summer evening. playing guitar around the bonfire. checking for warts. you had to be there.

. driving through good ‘ol Pangman in the semi, Mom’s new baby. Deserted-like streets. Flies buzzing. Grocery store now painted with a nice gazebo beside it. Hard to believe this was where I grew up.

. Morning coffee. Morning sun. Morning Dad and Mom.

. shopping for a baby gift in Wal-Mart, I feel a stinging sensation on my back above my bra line. I panic and slap my back. Yes, visual. The stinging gets worse. Mad. I start to do a little dance of trying to flush out whatever is invading my privacy next to the three month sleepers, and run back to shoes enlisting my sisters help. I most certainly had been bit by a bee. How it got in there, I have no idea!

. Meeting baby Crue – the new edition to our cousin Tyler and Blair’s family.

. How many coffee’s on the way home? I’ve decided a health diet is required after this road-trip!

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  • chelsey August 19, 2008 at 8:46 PM

    It’s funny the little things we are thankful for now, that we never noticed when we were younger.

    I love you Lani, Don’t ever change.


  • teeveebee August 22, 2008 at 3:51 AM

    Glad your back. I know it must have been a blessing to you being with family and celebrating your grand-dad’s life. In times of sorrow and of joy, there’s nothing like being with family.

    Blessings to you and yours!

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