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August 28, 2008

Ever have those days when you are literally forcing yourself to see the bright side, chin up, check the attitude and keep going? Please tell me you have. Maybe you’ve had those weeks. Or months.  They say Alberta is busy, but boy. I long to experience and engage in other cultures to see what lifestyles and traditions are like worldwide. We aren’t all the same I know that much.

So in my pursuit of happiness, I decided I must write. I must write the good moments of this week to count them up and remind myself “Lani, you have it good.” Let’s see…

. swinging spider-style in the dark on a cool end-of-summer evening with a bright-eyed blonde four year old. Her, so tenderly, asking if she can swing, and me finding myself craving my own daughter in that very moment! We sang nursery rhymes (she liked the purple panties down by the bay), disney tunes (a whole new world can only go so high right?!), and the ever-famous Sound of Music classic “Doe-rhei-me-fa-sew-la-tea-doe”. She sang along and repeated and kept saying “more!” It was a moment that made my day and her parents will likely never know how much it meant to me.

. booking my ticket to Jamaica for November to be in my wonderful friend Christine’s wedding. We shall finally meet the man who swept her off her feet and watch her walk down the aisle in all her beauty to say I do. I’ll pack lots of tissue. And it won’t just be used to wipe the sweat from my forehead or pits in the heat of the carribean sun 🙂  Nice visual huh?  I told her I want to be brown from beach time, learn rythym from the best and go shoe shopping whilst there.

. a free barbeque and lawn chairs. Enough said.

. a friend telling me something that confirmed in my heart what I must do. Honesty is such a gift.

. curled up on a couch with a girlfriend watching “Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants” wishing we too were riding a donkey in Greece. Ok, maybe not the donkey. Moped? Yacht?

. Finishing a great book by Lisa Bevere. And hoping I’m better for reading it.

. A good cup of tea. Nothing compares.

. learning curves. Not learning MY curves, as they shift and change (ha ha is appropriate there) but the learning curve I’m on at work. Working with the Government and media is no easy task and I fear I fail at different attempts of trying to be proactive and efficient. Being asked to accomplish a task in short timelines, no budget and all with excellence is not what anyone asks for – but sometimes required. Lord, please, give me strength and a good attitude!

I could keep going and going. There were moments this week when I wanted to throw things. I lay in bed wondering how good it would feel to actually break something in anger. Hmmm, what vase could I do without?  Have never done it. I like to try new things. Wondered what my neighbour or the condo association would think. Tempting but I resisted.

Maybe I need a log pile out back. Ah well, until my lumberjack status is achieved …. I count.

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  • teeveebee August 31, 2008 at 6:04 AM

    Sounds like you’ve had a full week, Lani! Blessings abound! 🙂

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