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It’s Different

November 26, 2008

Sitting here, watching you play your loud music and piercings in every part, it’s different. Welcome to my life.

Travelling there, seeing how you live in a tin shack with a clothesline for a dryer, it’s different. Welcome to my world.

Eating this food that is staring back up at me, yet is your delicacy, its different. Welcome to my table.

Watching you sell your body on the corner of the street, it’s so different. Welcome to my ache.

Listening to your dream, makes me want to cherish mine. It’s different. Welcome to my future.

Feeling this way when I’ve never felt this way before. It’s different. Welcome to my heart.

Hearing the sounds of a million voices, all singing as one, shouldn’t be so different. Welcome to creation.

It’s different how you feel, because I have not been there. It’s different what you see, because I cannot fathom it. It’s different how your heart aches, because mine could not carry it. It’s different what you like, because God made us unique. It’s just different.

Welcome to creation.

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