Troubling Deaf Heaven

December 31, 2008

I am reading a book by a Texas Christian Theatre Company owner, Jeanette Clift-George, and one snippet stood out to me yesterday while reading:

“Sometimes the Christian is so overloaded with pictures of Christian perfection that he doubts his belief, and satan has a field day! Satan would rather have you and me doubting our relationship with God through Christ than actively involved in the most lurid sin. The action of sin is secondary to the absence of relationship, and without that relationship sin has no other course but its exercise. Desolate in the comparison of who we really are with who we think we ought to be, even the productive believer considers throwing in the towel, applying for an immediat transfer or out and out resignation. The false picture is never more disturbing than in the hours and circumstances when God seems silent. In that awesome quiet we trouble deaf heaven and shroud our soul in shame. The truth is that God is seldom, if ever, silent. He is the divine talker although He does find delight in dramatic pauses. In the apparent silences of God, know He is speaking volumes.”

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