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If you’re growing and you know it … clap your hands?

June 22, 2009

I am 28 and still no babies. Yet.  Thankful for the path God has carved for me, but not quite what my “plan” looked like 10 years ago when I packed my bags, and sought out “wide open spaces” as the Dixie Chicks told me to. I thought for sure Bible College would deliver a husband, wedding and 2.5 kids for me. Wasn’t that in the application form?

However, I have had the opportunity to watch many of my close friends go through such. Dating. Marriage. Babies. I’ve babysat, fed, burped, cleaned up the vomit from the burping and cuddled them all with delight.

Every one of my girlfriends has carried their baby differently. Some pop right away – as though announcing “I’M PREGNANT!” to family is the internal signal to your belly to start expansion. And some of my friends haven’t really shown until the third trimester. You see them one Sunday at church and you think “what did YOU eat this week!?” Suddenly, it is very evident that the blessing of a child is on the way.

Birth. Labour. Miracle of life. Sometimes the growth starts small and then right before delivery you grow the most. Suddenly you’re being stretched, you’re uncomfortable, you can’t sleep, you pee all the time, have weird cravings and before you know it your miracle is in your hands. Remember, for me this is all theory and observation.

However, the theory remains true in life I figure. We can’t escape growth. We can’t run away from change for it is inevitable. God has a plan for each life and it requires us to risk and step out.

And the final growth, pop and push may be just before the miracle and answer from God is in your hands. It may seem uncomfortable right now, you may be peeing a lot (hee hee appropriate), but hold on – the bundle is on its way!  It may just require one final push. Your Last Stand (for now).

And what happens to your body after the miracle comes, well, I’m willing to wait and find out for myself without a whole lot of observation first!

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