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Christmas Live Kindness Challenge – Dec 1-25

November 25, 2009

I want you to be a part of a movement with me this Christmas.  Do you ever get frustrated with Christmas line-ups? Do you witness the scrooges and feel too busy to really enjoy the season because there just seems so much to do?

Its called the Live Kindness Challenge. What do you do? Intentionally find someone everyday that you can “make their day”. Random acts of kindness if you will. Bring a smile to someone’s face. See a need and meet it. Serve. Love. Something tangible with no expected return of reward. I know there is great joy in making someone else happy, so rather than waking up every morning thinking about what must be done that day…wake up thinking “who can I make smile today by being kind?” And I’ll bet you anything your holiday season will be one of many unique memories!

I challenge you to start with me Dec 1 – 25 (feel free to start being kind sooner 😉 ) and see the lives of people around you changed. Or do it for a stranger and meet someone new! Buy a coffee for the person in the drive-through behind you. Shovel your neighbour’s walk. Bag groceries for the mom whose hands are too full. Encourage someone intentionally and with a genuine heart. I am going to be blogging every day of my own and friends’ experiences here!

I hope you take this personal challenge with me and wake up every morning with a smile on your face remembering that today’s the day you get to make someone else’s day just a little bit brighter this holiday season!

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