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Words like a snowflake***

December 2, 2009

I left the house this morning on the lookout for opportunities to be kind. Thinking. For some reason in my mind it needs to be tangible. Like giving a gift.  But perhaps being kind reaches outside the  box I’ve wrapped it in and can come much differently than I imagined. A feeling or emotion could be changed. A word that touches softly like a winter snowflake – simple enjoyment but no stain.

I lied in bed last night thinking about what I can do at work to be kind. I decided to try send each coworker a note on different days of kind words, encouragement and how they’ve been such a great part of our team. I began with our wonderful admin assistant whom I really adore. The words brought her huge smiles, a hug to me, and at the end of the day when we walked out she thanked me again and told me how much words mean to her. For some, words are a lifelong treasure.

How easily it easy to encourage someone. How easy it is to find something to be thankful for. Something to brighten a day upon. For I am certain that every day here on earth there will be someone that will need a smile.

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