Real Life

Perfect Strangers

December 3, 2009

While driving home late last night (missed blogging) I was thinking about acts of kindness and how I really want it to be a lifestyle and not just a Christmas thing. While visiting with my boyfriend, I realized that within the last two days three random strangers had complimented me, and genuinely, on my outfit or looks. The Salvation Army man at Walmart. A lady at the hospital watching me walk by. And a lady coming out of the mall while I was going in. I thought to myself “I thought I was supposed to be the one being kind!” It’s interesting though how kind comments from random strangers, on my journey to be more kind, resounded as a natural way to leave an impression on a complete stranger. How I was still talking about the way it lifted my spirits HOURS later. Could’ve been my new white power coat, but whatever the reason, I appreciated the comments from perfect strangers!

Funny. God moment. Christmas cheer. So easy.

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