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Independant Survivors. Nonsense.

December 10, 2009

It seems that in my quest to be more alert to the needs of those around me, I am in turn the one being blessed. A coworker bought my coffee this morning. The car mechanic picked me up and dropped me off in between servicing…and I didn’t have to drive the icy roads. Meanwhile I learned all about his story of how he came to be in our city and propose to his girlfriend shortly after meeting.

It is amazing how we are all created unique. We all want to give.  And all want to receive, but don’t always feel we can. Or that we are allowed to receive. Someone once scolded me and said “Lani, you can’t be a blessing if you yourself don’t receive it first!” The reprimand was what I needed to burn the pride. By me saying “Oh no, I’m fine. I don’t need what you want to give me” is stealing the blessing from them and the joy it gives them to give. The thought that we are independant survivors and don’t need anyone else is nonsense. I need something from you, and you need something from me. Receive it.

Sometimes it seems in the act of challenge and change, one is reminded of raw humanity. I’m thankful for God’s power to fill in all my cracks and gaps and saturate me with Himself so that I can really be what He wants me to be. I receive.

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