Real Life

Sidekicks and Stalkers

December 14, 2009

I must admit. I’ve been lacking in the “tangible” deeds. Today, I tried to offer help to a struggling lady in Walmart parking lot as she fumbled with her big package (as her cart had fallen over) but she said she was ok. I was stalked into Sears yesterday in the mall, and asked out… hmmm…do I reflect approachability or something? I have noticed my words and daily actions are changing to be more life-giving, and that only because Christ is in me. It’s amazing what happens inside when we purpose to be thankful and content, no matter what the situation.  Kindess I believe comes out of a thankful lifegiving heart.

I do however have some ideas for kindness this week and need some sidekicks so I’m not entering territory alone. Taking touques/scarves to people downtown as its been bitterly cold the past couple of weeks. I’d also like to get some coffee coupons to give to help them warm up.  I hope you all are having fun living out kindness in your own way!

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