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Final Punches

January 7, 2010

My view tonight through the glass windows was the men’s volleyball team practise going on in the main gym. As I watched the scrimmage I pondered why it was only the guy who spiked the ball over the net that got the pat on the butt or high-five.  What about the other two that assisted that play?

Now I’m not going to give a speech about TEAM and everyone playing together. But I did find it funny that for some reason he became the hero of the play. Well, perhaps it’s because that final punch is always the hardest. That the success of the play really is dependent on that final hit over the net into the opponent’s court. And maybe, just maybe, that last guy needs that smack on the butt to say kudos for bringing it home so strong.

The sweat beads trickled into my bangs and I realized I was going longer on the treadmill than usual. Ah well, might as well keep going. I can do longer than I normally do.

I think we often stop short of what we could actually achieve and rob ourselves of small victories, rewards and the self-pat-on-the-back we deserved. We’re tired. We don’t see the point. Whatever it is, life happens.

I know that 2009 was hard for a lot of people.  In whatever shape your year ended, it had highlights and lows. Many people breathed a sigh of relief to get 2010 started.

I wanted to send a happy new year note of “keep going” to ya’ll. You might be the (wo)man on the team that is about to deliver that final punch. Stay a bit longer on that treadmill. Your victory won’t look like anyone else’s so keep the eyes on your game alone. I am guilty of looking at the person next to me and how fast they’re running. But really what does it matter? They could’ve just started at the gym, or have been going for years. We’re all on a different course.

I am certain a pat on the butt is most certainly on its way for those who won’t give up!  I truly believe 2010 is a year of victory and final punches. But just keep standing. You can achieve more than where you’ve been so don’t quit!

It may have been a tough game in 2009, but your final hit is needed.

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