June 7, 2010

I was reading in Proverbs 10 this morning in the Amplified, and noticed how many blessings, even in this one chapter, there are for the “uncompromisingly righteous”.   I think as a Christian, it can be very easy to forget who I am in Christ. The very foundations and basics of my faith are simple, yet as a human I can often try to comprehend and understand something that is really UNcomprehendable. And how MUCH God has for me. I’ve heard recently that when you accept Jesus into your life as Lord and Saviour, the very seed of ALL God is and has for you is planted inside of you. And obviously, like any birth, it takes time to grow. But it is astounding to me that all that God is, is inside of me. So… I wrote out some promises from God for those who consistently pursue Christ.

* they never famish  vs. 3
* blessings are upon their head  vs. 6
* their memory is blessed  vs. 7
* their mouth is a well of life  vs. 11
* their earnings lead to life  vs. 16
* their tongue is as choice silver   vs. 20
* their lips feed and guide many  vs. 21
* the blessing of the Lord makes us rich and adds NO sorrow to it   vs. 22
* their desire shall be granted   vs. 24
* His way is strength and a stronghold  vs. 29
* they shall never be removed  vs. 30

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