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June 11, 2010

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For many the pinnacle of success is being congratulated for a brave deed and in one euphoric moment all efforts are recognized.

As I watched the recent RDC Convocation ceremonies, I began to think how vastly different things must’ve looked even 50 years ago. For one, I know Red Deer College didn’t even exist.

But on a broader scope, I noticed how many female graduates crossed the stage to receive their certificate, diploma, or even degree.  Women didn’t even have the right to vote until 1940 when a federal Act was passed to grant them the say in politics. Teaching was a popular profession for women, but education itself has grown in importance over the years, especially following the domestic days of the 1950’s. If only the women knew during World War I what society would look like 100 years later! We have come a long way.

More men are returning to school to learn new trades and becoming even more innovative in how they provide for their families. Some even take paternity leave now, seeing the importance of those formative years of their children.

We all go through many “graduations” in life. Graduating from crawling to walking. Stinky to wearing deodorant. Single to dating. And perhaps back to single again. Life will always be a continuum of tests. Each test will change and hopefully change us to be better people along the way.

Graduation, in its definitive is “the successful completion of a program of study”. But graduation also can be compared to a line that marks a measurement.  It shows that there is a bar to cross. And that bar will look different for everyone depending on their personalities, interests and passion. Measurements are different to everyone. And none is as great as the one in your life, for it belongs to YOU alone.

Oh, but you will graduate. It is inevitable in life. But what will you graduate from?  Post-secondary. Pregnancy to motherhood. Father to grandfather. Rural citizen to urban resident. That choice is up to you. And hopefully, if you do it well, you will look back across your ‘stage’ and be able to say “This changed me!”

Now that is true success.


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