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the day with poopy diapers and charm

June 14, 2010

in honor of mom’s everywhere. especially those of you doing it alone. i say a HUGE ‘kudos’ for what you do, day in and day out.
today i got to sit in the shoes of a single mom. it was only 9 hours, but enough to enlighten me…warm my heart…and make me gag. do tell right?
his name is raily. 22 months, cuban, curly dark hair and full of charm and vim…he is going to be a ladies man for sure! packing his back pack into the passenger seat with my purse, i checked the rearview mirror to remind him where we were going – off to sunday morning church. his habit, when relaxed, is to stick two fingers of one hand into his mouth and suck, while caressing or twirling hair in the other. this morning was no different.
we found our pew at church. and after devouring the crackers and cheese, and a couple run-around-the-pews and squeels, worship began. he used to nestle into my neck and sleep at this time…but now he just wants to run  around. so i checked him into nursery and was given a pager to let me know if he fusses.
raily fell asleep on his way home after service, fingers in mouth, and when i tried to lay him down on my bed he woke up and cried. so… spanish shrek 3 in the dvd player occupied him while i was running back and forth from the kitchen cooking lunch, to the living room to make sure he hadn’t found anything sharp. welcome to a non-baby-proof home!
i tried to be clever in my delivery of lunch, and refuse him any sugar. i pushed the plate of veggies his way with delight in my eyes, and he pushed them back with a scowl. he wanted my bag of chips. how DO they know these things at such a young age?? as he leaned on the coffee table in determination i could only think one thing…he’s working out a poop! ah. here comes the part i just haven’t gotten used to yet.
he knows the drill. and after seeing the surprise he had left in his underpants for me, and three gags and teary eyes later, i was able to finish the job. seriously. is this easier when it’s your own?!
i tried also to be clever with nap-time. but he just wanted to pillow fight and tickle me.
off to the park we went! i observed yet again a difference between boys and girls. when i showed raily the fluffy dandelions and sampled how to blow away the fluff, he grabbed the stem and squashed it in his hands with force. and the next one, and the next one. he found the dirt and the sticks. and threw it all. yes, he is a boy.
nap time did eventually come when we snuggled on the couch for a while. ahhhh, i see this is one of those special times of motherhood.
grumpy pants woke up and snuggled on the floor a while, bum in air, while i freshened up. clean up before he wakes up!
off to starbucks we went for a cool drink. i couldn’t even put him down long before he was off and running around a book shelf!
aaaand back to church. nursery workers, help?!
so after my nine hours of feet in the face-hair caressing-poopy diapers-watching your every move- kind of sunday i can only say —- i applaud you mothers! what raily’s mom, and many others, do every day. the love you give. the selflessness. you really are my heros!

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  • Rhonalyn June 15, 2010 at 7:09 PM

    You’re Hot! And I love your style!! xo

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