Steven Spielberg and Small Beginnings

June 24, 2010

From the screen success of films such as Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Saving Private Ryan, Jaws or Indiana Jones, or building his own DreamWorks studio, Spielberg’s creativity has been embraced and applauded worldwide.

He’s proven that small beginnings do not mean small endings. He was bullied with anti-Semitic prejudices in his early years. But still made home films with his dad camera and charged 25 cents admission to friends and family. When he was 16 he made his first “short” 40 minute and made $100 in revenue. His parents divorced shortly after. He was rejected from his chosen University in California.

His actual career began when he returned to Universal Studios as an unpaid, seven-day-a-week intern and guest of the editing department.

After he became famous, the University of choice, University of Southern California, awarded him an honorary degree and 35 years after starting college, Spielberg finished his degree through independent projects.

And now his estimated wealth is $3 billion with his directed films exceeding $8.5 billion worldwide. He just never gave up. And I admire that.

Think about your life. What would your “beginnings” look like?

Mine? Hmmmm….

Farm girl who loved gardening and didn’t like cooking. I was afraid to shave or use hairspray. Last girl of her friends to wear a bra or get her “.” A dreamer. Loved and wanted Jesus from the get-go. Family always close by. I grew up in a town of 250 people and swore I’d never live in a city. Acne started when I was 12 and sent the confidence plummeting. A sports and drama enthusiast. I never went on a date in high school.  Applied to many different post-secondary and travel pursuits before deciding my path. I’ve got the rejection letters from employers and publishers. Loved and lost. Worked for free over and over in my passions before finally getting paid for them…

However… I have travelled to New York, Paris and London. Imagined great things to come. Published a book. Was given hope and grace when I couldn’t find my way. Been blessed with incredible friends. Loved and learned. And will someday have the dream of marriage and kids come true.

Our beginnings are what we are all made of…It’s all a matter of perspective…and the story continues…

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