Be Patient

July 7, 2010

I read this blog, shared by a friend, from a wedding pro blog. It was very timely advice, I thought I’d share.

Sage Declaration No. 19 ::: Be Patient
Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Greatness cannot be achieved overnight.  Examine the leaders in any industry and you’ll see that they have been working at their craft for many many years.  And, it was only over time that they were experts in what they do.

There is an urgency these days.  And, I blame technology.  Technology has made us able to get everything quickly.  But, it has also made us impatient and antsy.  Technology has made us believe that we can get everything fast.  And, we are greatly disappointed when this is not the case.  When our businesses take time to grow, we search everywhere for fixes and answers.  We become disappointed in ourselves.  Why can’t we achieve greatness NOW?  And, we blame ourselves.

We must be patient… with ourselves… with our businesses.  Work hard, yes… but, let time do it’s work.  Some things require a little time… a little aging… a little marinating.

Be Patient.


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