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Keeps Me Coming Back For More

July 17, 2010

I meander my way there a couple times a week. Thoughts of my “to do” or verses I am memorizing or photography locations dance through my head as I meander into the drive. She greets me by name and shares an open smile. She is friendly and does her job well. Who is she? My McDonald’s drive-through lady 🙂

I recently gave up Tim Hortons and was in search of a regular cup of coffee for my morning cubicle time. Nothing spiritual about it.  I was just done with Tim. And lo and behold I found a new friend at McDonald’s. Trust me, the coffee is ok and fits my budget! But every time I pay her the $1.89, and go on to receive the large cup of brew from the British lady (seriously, my McDonald’s experience is multi-cultural, which is perhaps why I like it so much!) … I drive away smiling. They keep me coming back for more.

It just got me thinking so much about business and life in general. What do I do that will keep people coming back for more? More of the God I know and love. More of the creative services I am seeking to provide in business. More of the friendship I want to give. Do I purposely try to give a genuine experience that leaves people feeling warm and happy?

It’s mildly odd to me that I am pulling life lessons from McDonald’s but sometimes the “nail on the head” moments come from unexpected places.

Ba da bump dada…I’m lovin’ it.

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