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August 24, 2010

I’ve been reading a compilation of Max Lucado writings from various books called “His Name is Jesus”. It makes the stories of the gospels so tangible you feel like you are walking in sandals next to Him.

Here are a few snippets that have hugged my heart so far…

The Great House of God – Jesus Calms the Storm –
Did Jesus care? Of course! He just had a different perspective. The very storym that made the disciples panic made him drowsy. What put fear in their eyes put Him to sleep. The boat was a tomb to the followers but a cradle to Christ.  How could He sleep through the storm? Simple, He was in charge of it…When Jesus says He will keep you safe, He means it. Don’t we need someone to trust Who is bigger than we are? Jesus says: “I am that person. Trust Me.”

He Still Moves Stones – the story of the woman with a bleeding disorder…
A chronic menstrual disorder. A perpetual issue of blood. Such a condition would be difficult for any woman of any era. But for a Jewess, nothing could be worse. No part of her life was left unaffected.

Sexually…she could not touch her husband.
Maternally…she could not bear children.
Domestically…anything she touched was considered unclean. No washing dishes. No sweeping floors.
Spiritually…she was not allowed to enter the temple.

She was physically exhausted and socially ostricized…. She awoke daily in a body that no one wanted. She is down to her last prayer. And on the day we encounter her, she’s about to pray it……What are the odds that she will survive if she doesn’t take a chance? Fewer still. So she takes a chance.

Risky decision. To touch Him, she will have to touch the people. If one of them recognizes her…hello rebuke, good-bye cure. But what choice does she have? She has no money, no clout, no friends, no solution. All she has is a crazy hunch that Jesus can help and a high hope that He will… Her part in the healing was very small.

All she did was extend her arm through the crowd….What’s important is not the form of effort, but the fact of effort. The fact is, she did something. She refused to settle for sickness another day and resolved to make a move…And with that small, courageous gesture, she experienced Jesus’ tender power…God honors radical risk-taking faith.

God has a peculiar passion for the forgotten. What society puts out, God puts in. What the world writes off, God picks up.

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