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September 8, 2010

My latest holiday was filled with moments. Let me take you there…

The moment you see a dear girlfriend, hug her and begin the long conversations that never really end. Forever-ness.

The moment where I breathed in the ocean air and relaxation instantly took over my body. Solitude.

The wonderful moment when I walked down a busy street, vanilla latte in hand, meandering to and fro with absolutely no plan. Weightless.

Or the moment where I rented a scooter and drove along the city coastline stopping along the way wherever I did fancy. I felt so cool for riding this “bike” and then another scooter passes me and I realize I really am not {picture Dumb and Dumber 😉 }, but don’t care in the least because I’m giddy as a school-girl! Photograph.

Or the morning in Starbucks when I chose my brown leather chair next to an elderly couple with iPhone4’s. I struck up a conversation on their “toy” being WAY cooler than mine and ended up having conversations on life and feel like wisdom, and perhaps a God-moment, was imparted. Teary-eyes and new friends. A hug from heaven.

It seems like when you are expecting Jesus to do something in your life, there are ALL sorts of ways to see His hand of love and loads of moments to be thankful for.

Yep. I’m 29, love Jesus, scooters, red shoes and lattes and am determined to love life where I’m at.

My latest holiday? Unforgettable.

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