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Love as a tradition

February 25, 2011

I ponder love. I’m a hope-full romantic and those who know me, know that well 🙂

My Grandparents are, or were, two people whom I watched a lot growing up. From family potlucks to overnight stays in their guest room with my cousin or summer services with church, they have set in my mind a great memory.

Even at my Grandpa’s bedside in the hospital he still longed for Grandma and called her his darling wife. I remember breathing a happy sigh and praying “Lord, that is what I want.”  They enjoyed 60 years of marriage together on a prairie farm. 7 kids and several grandkids and greats later, my Grandma is still a gorgeous woman at 82.

They would stop by Tuesday nights after they had kicked it up on the dance floor. Tuesday’s Tradition. I went to these “Tuesday dances” once. Square dancing and waltzes, trading partners and laughing. Love. It abounded.

Grandma taught me and my 6’5 grad escort to dance before the daunting “grad night dance”. I remember doing the fox trot in our kitchen. Which is probably why now, every Christmas, my Mom and I polka in the kitchen. This love, it’s tradition.

Or I remember the way Grandma would let my cousin and I play store, dress up or make us burnt cheese for a bedtime snack. Simple. Yet great memories.

Simple love can make the best memories.  Yet can become so complicated.

For Valentines, my boyfriend and I, after our lovely dinner, wandered downtown with white roses and coffee cards to hand out to anyone we ran into that we though needed a smile. We thought ‘why not share love on the day that is internationally set apart to do so?’ So we’d walk up to people and say “Happy Valentines, would you like a rose/coffee card?” Not only were we smiling from ear to ear, but I’m guessing some woman smiled when she went to bed that night as she stared at the single white rose. Perhaps she never gets flowers. Love. Simple. Why not make that a tradition?

Below is a video of a couple I admire for their photography. They travel the world and do presentations and workshops and make memories of simple love.

Probably the best tradition we can make is to share what God really is, and that is, love.

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