*New Reasons*

April 1, 2011

Last night was my final class of Financial Peace University with Dave Ramsey, and I must say it was my favourite. It was a 13 week course (this student did miss a few sessions!) This class was about the purpose in building wealth is so we can really give. That the whole purpose in getting debt free is so that we can really live our lives to bless and help people. Living with a closed fist allows nothing to flow out, and nothing to come back in.

How do you feel when you give to someone something that “makes their day”? It makes you feel good to doesn’t it? Because we were created in God’s image, when we are living as He really designed us to function – then we feel that peace and joy come back. Give. Love. Serve. Live with an open hand. That is how we were created to live.

I challenge you to wake up every morning (and I am challenging myself as well) to think “Who can I make smile today?”. And before I go to bed at night, I am remembering my day and specific moments (even if it meant I had an amazing latte or got a deal somewhere. And certainly God’s grace every day is something to thank Him for!) I am learning to cultivate a heart of thanks.

Psalm 145:2 (Amp) says “Every day, with its new reasons, I will bless You.” Doesn’t every day bring us new reasons to give, and give thanks?

Tell your life how it’s going to be, rather than letting circumstances dictate your outcome. Over time, you will undoubtedly be changed.

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