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April 4, 2011

Is it just me, or is God bringing people to a place of brokenness? And by that I mean – we are reduced to the point where nothing else satisfies, but this craving for more of Jesus? I am NOTHING without Him. Literally. When you think about it, as a believer in Jesus Christ, what else are we? I am merely passing through earth on my way home. *And hopefully leaving a mark on the way.*

In this so called “winter” season where many things lack human understanding yet the undeniable trust of a God who restores and delivers holds you anchored, I thought of the Israelites. If any of you had the chance to go to Sunday school growing up, you likely heard of Moses, the Israelites, the Ten Commandments. As I was recently sifting through the fabrics of a consignment store the thought came to me: Just because their current state was wilderness and hard, didn’t mean that God’s ultimate plan for them ever changed. It always was good. The Promise Land always existed. It was there, waiting for the Israelites to trust and obey and believe that what God said He could and wanted to do, He would.

God wouldn’t create a world that He didn’t love. That even makes sense to me, in my human logic – why create something and then say “Bye and good luck!” No, our God is greater than that. He so desired relationship. But He also desires us to CHOOSE that relationship.

And sometimes we just need to have faith in the love of God. If you want Him in a greater intimacy, I guarantee you He wants relationship with you on a scale FAR greater than your desire. He is fiercely devoted to you. Chew on that 😉

So I am choosing to reflect on when God came through for me in the past….

• There have been seasons of life when things didn’t make sense – choosing school or a date – but I followed my gut (or what I really know was the Holy Spirit!) and God has always come through.

• Before I moved to England for a few months, I remember crying so deeply “I really need my God to be my BIG God right now!” It was overwhelming. And England has thus far been one of the best and favourite experiences of my life. Hands down, He was my Big God.

• I remember occasions when in college or Bible School when I would pray about money. And God would bring an extra cheque.

• Cars. I need to start speaking that someday there is going to be a car that loves me. But do you know the favour I have found with mechanics and different situations? It’s almost like they have paid ME to take my car in.

• I have asked God’s help for sorting out my schedule when I felt it was too much. He’d either help by someone calling to cancel an appointment or help me filter what was really important.

Have faith my friends, God is faithful. Wants good things for you. Keep seeking Him, your breakthrough will come.

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