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Locker Room Lesson

April 12, 2011

As I was changing after my work out today, and prepping to leave there was a young gal, about mid-20’s, who was blind.

Her locker was right next to where I was and as I excused myself out of her way she said hello and asked  who she was talking to. We proceeded to talk for a few minutes. I found out she had an aneurism at just five weeks old that left her legally blind. She is going to the College to be an Educational Assistant because she wants to help other people with special needs. Kudos, I thought.

She told of how she’d been through the bullying issue and would just love for those “bullies” to be able to experience what she’s been through – drugs and all – so that they had more sympathy.

I stood talking to her, not sure what to do or say, but just listened and asked questions about herself. As I left I had to breathe a huge sigh of thanks and thought how she seemed to have such a great attitude. She’s never seen a morning sunrise. She’s never watched a horse run it’s race with reckless abandon. And she’s never stared in the eyes of her mother. Yet she wants to help other people.

Someone told me yesterday that “God gives you a business, so you can do His business.” How true is that about our personal and unique story as well? God gives us a story so we can help better other people’s story.  And He promises to be with us during our story, if we allow Him. If we’re not here on earth to know our God, and to help other people, then what are we doing?!

Locker Room Lesson – your story can always help someone else if you will let it be used.

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