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April 15, 2011

This week I had the cool privilege of being one of five judges at a high school talent show, “Idol” of sorts. It’s been running for nine years and quite honestly, it was a great night of entertainment.

The final act was a young guy, probably 16, good looking, who came out wearing a plain white t-shirt that had horrible words written all over it. I thought “This better be a part of his act and not his daily wardrobe.” Things like loser, stupid, and gross. He began singing as his friend played on his guitar Pink’s song, “Perfect”. At the end of the song he had a bunch of friends come up with signs with labels such as stupid, anorexic and ginger (ya, I didn’t really get that one either!). Then he held up a bright pink sign that said “You are perfect.”  He turned around and there was a big heart drawn on the back of his shirt.

The auditorium cheered. He kept telling them “you are perfect”.

Tonight my roomie had on some talent show on Much Music. As I’m folding laundry concern filled my heart. These are the heroes of our young people. This is who people look up to and want to be like!… Celebrities who themselves are lost. They don’t know that their Creator cherishes them. And that if they really wanted to be different, they could just be themselves in all their God-given purpose and their mission would be accomplished.

People, listen up. YOU ARE CREATED IN GOD’S IMAGE AND ARE NOT A MISTAKE! Can I scream that any louder to your heart?

No one can name you but God. And his naming is GOOD.

My teen years had their rough patches. From elementary to high school I was called names that had nothing to do with who I was. My moles were mocked – I got them removed. Acne hit at the tender age of 12. I was thin, and mocked even for that. I used to read my Bible at lunch hour, hoping someone might ask me about my faith. I didn’t fit in. I longed to be asked out on a date. Yet it was my love for Jesus and the fact that He had placed in me a “dreamer heart” that kept me going and seeking Him. It certainly wasn’t my own strength.

That was 12 years ago, and I know that youth nowadays and what they go through is amplified multiple times over. Celebrity stardom and mobile devices have changed who we look up to and how we connect. It concerns me.

So my bedtime challenge tonight to myself and any random person who may read this is this – if you know anyone under the age of 20, please, make it your intent to sow seeds of hope, love and truth into them. Tell them they are wonderful. That their Creator is so in love with them that He dances over them and is excited to hear them speak. Anything. It’s such formable years and God wants to get truth to them. Let’s be a vessel that He can do that through.

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