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Monday Minute: Live to Give

May 2, 2011

At church the series of messages right now is on living to give. I’ve felt challenged recently by new friends, and old, who live their lives with an open hand. Meaning they don’t hold anything too tightly. Not material possessions. Nor time.

It’s Biblical to live our lives like this. How many parables and stories are there about sowing seed, being a good steward of your gift, giving to others and so forth. Since God IS love (1 John 4 tells us all about this!), and the best way to love is through giving, then that tells me that the best way to learn God’s ways are to live with an open hand.

So, on that note for today’s “minute”, I thought I would make a list of ideas of how to live to give in a practical way:

  • Buy coffee cards or gift cards of any sort, load ‘em up, and have them ready to bring a smile to someone in need at any time. Be ready.
  • Offer to babysit for free so that your friends can enjoy a date night. Sow into their relationship and family and watch your own be blessed!
  • It’s almost garden season …why not buy some gloves and seeds and give them to some elderly ladies you know?
  • Create a “gift chest”. Buy a whole bunch of little things like soaps, jewellery, lotions and anything pretty (girls only of course 😉 ) and be prepared with a simple gift when a friend calls.
  • Be generous with compliments and life-giving words. Every person you see, find something positive about them that you can point out. Give life.
  • If you’ve had a rough day, go buy someone else flowers.
  • Give thanks to God at the end of every day for the simple things from that specific day. Tell a friend on a regular basis what you are thankful for. You’re giving YOURSELF a gift here.
  • Surprise your roomies with something splendid to eat (my roomies are great at this!) And if you’re married, I’m sure there’s other surprises you can bring…. *ahem*
  • When someone comes to you with a problem or to talk, stop what you’re doing. Turn off the computer or television. Focus on them and give your ears.
  • When you’re ordering your coffee in the drive-through, pay for the person behind you. SO much fun!

There’s just a simple list of 10 things. We can all do it to varying degrees. So simple. Cultivate a lifestyle of giving life to those around you. Be prepared and look for opportunities to give and contribute!

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