May 6, 2011

She patiently waits for that which is great and nurtures those along the path.
She loves deeply from her heart not expecting anything back.

She builds up her husband in word and deed.
As the children watch, learn and heed.

She cries deep tears when a friend or family suffers.
She holds close those she loves, the world’s buffer.

She teaches and guides, and celebrates success.
She shares the good and hard with those closest.

She labours and births, much more than her children.
For in her hands is the ability to form the next generation.

She is a daughter. A friend. A fighter of justice and a lover.
She is a light. She is a tool of mercy. She is a mother.

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom, Grandma and all the wonderful mothers who are loving and raising up the next generation! You are valued.

My Mom doing one of her favourite things πŸ™‚

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