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Pastureland, Peeing Outside, and Potential

May 11, 2011

When I was a young girl part of the summer routine was going to the pasture to check the cattle. The cattle would graze freely, and the calves run freely.

Sometimes we’d ride over in the back of the truck down the dirt road, or  ride over on bike or horseback. This pasture, pretty much the family favourite, is called the “Butte” or “over west”. It has the biggest hill for miles around. It’s full of valleys and high places and wooden corrals for branding. It was in this pastureland that I first learned to pee outside;  learned what a “farmer blow” was; and is now a place full of memories with my family.

In the springtime, when it wasn’t yet green, you’d see rocks with moss grown over them peeking out here and there. A dugout that hadn’t yet been replenished by spring rain. Massive gopher holes everywhere.

But in the midst of this bare escape there you would find crocuses, small rocks perfect for painting or for the garden, and like I’ve already mentioned – a place full of memories. And sometimes the flowers would grow in the oddest places – crevices, near holes or rock patches. Something beautiful would herald your attention as though beckoning “Come, see my beauty!” It was a massive expanse of land with potential and space for good things to grow.

A friend said to me tonight “The amazing thing about grace is this…from the broken earth, flowers grow!”

Life is somewhat symbolic of that pastureland. Full of valleys and hilltops. Holes from some pests digging. Rocky patches that show history, but a trail has been blazed through, showing the way out. And then where you least expect it, a flower grows to show that life can still spring forth, anywhere, anytime. Making the pasture better than it ever was.

As the sun sets tonight through my window, I’m in awe that we get to talk to the One who created all this beauty. That God desires us, and wants to call us friends. That to me is such an honour. There’s no pasture for me to walk to close by tonight, but my heart knows that you can always keep looking for something beautiful in life’s unexpected places.

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