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June 5, 2011

End of last summer I took a trip to Victoria to visit a dear friend. It was a much needed time of refreshing for me. It was invigorating, relaxing, fun and just what I needed.

As I was reading through my journal from the past year tonight, I read the page of memories from that trip and remembered this special moment I had in Starbucks on my last day.

It was one of those trips where every where I went I was looking for something from God. A sign of the next phase of life to follow. A hidden answer. Or an obvious one would’ve sufficed as well! One of those trips.

I sat down in a comfy brown leather chair with my latte and muffin and across from me on the couch was an adorable couple – about mid 60’s – playing on their new iPhone 4’s. White haired. Retired. He caressed her leg. They looked like they were best friends. After a bit, I decided to initiate some conversation…

“You guys have nicer phones than I do!”

That simple line began a 20 minute conversation ranging from technology to life choices. They were English, go figure. (I honestly think God drops British people in my life every once in a while to make my heart smile!) As I told them how I was looking for change they told me how they came to live in Victoria some 20 years ago.

But what I’ll never forget is the resounding phrase he made to me as they stood to go, shared their names, and shook my hand, “You have to live where your heart is, and the work will sort itself out. You can learn to live on very little.”

Those few moments in a coffee shop on an island left me with moist eyes and a happy heart. I got my hug from God that day that I was looking for.

And now, months later, I am following my heart back to England. With work, visas, and umpteen other things to sort out – I am reminded that God hugs you when you need it, and you just have to follow your heart.

Thank you Bronya and Richard for that coffee shop moment that I still remember today… And go figure, the Starbucks was just down the street from here…

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