Monday Minute – Two Degrees

June 6, 2011

I had a conversation with someone the other day about the upcoming changes in his business and the growth they’ve seen in the past year. He said a statement that kind of resonated with me, “With a simple change in our language with customers, it’s completely changed every part of our business!”  One slight change, built in consistently over time, overhauled their whole business!

I know someone else who started putting his pants on left leg first, instead of the right leg, and he said that affected many areas of his life. One simple change.

Saturday night is a perfect example of a simple change turned wonderful for me, and right away. I went for a jog down a street I don’t normally go.  After crossing an intersection I felt this tug in my heart to go the other direction (might sound odd, but I know that tug in my heart is the Spirit of God leading me!) So…I turned and went the other way. As I was nearing home around the block, listening to a podcast on my iPod, I passed this house where an elderly lady was struggling with her lawn mower in her front yard.  It looked like too much for her!  I thought I should ask if I can cut her grass for her? So I turned back around, took the ear plugs out and said “Hi! Can I cut your grass for you?” Of course she let me! Her long white hair was pulled back in a loose bun. She was dressed in a plaid shirt, long denim skirt, and had grass stained hands from all the yard work.  Her smile hinted that there were years of stories that could be told. We asked questions here and there and I found out she was a widow, a Christian, and a very sweet lady! I took a very simple change of direction on my jogging route and I ended up meeting a sweet elderly lady that I plan to visit again. Slight change, amazing results. It was a total hug from heaven for me that I needed, and I hope she did too!

Sometimes life just needs a slight shift. Do you ever get bored? Boredom is often the result of sameness, says Joyce Meyer. Do you want massive changes in your life? Perhaps all it takes is a two degree change. We can get often get overwhelmed by the massive changes we want to see in our life, when if we would make one consistent change over and over it could result in the very MASSIVE change we wanted all along.

Here are some ideas to get you going…

1) If there are two routes to work, switch it up every other day.

2) If you normally just get up and shower, try getting up and drinking a glass of water/coffee and spend some time with God before you rush into the day. You’ll find yourself more peaceful, relaxed, and really in tune with what God is saying for your day.

3) Stir your food with the opposite hand you normally do. Dexterity flexibility?  😉

4) Pick an old English novel (Charles Dickens, Charlotte Bronte, Henry James…) and read 10 minutes every day. Spark different parts of your brain to think differently and who knows what could happen!

5) If you normally clean with a quiet house, try singing or turning on music while you clean. It might make that job more enjoyable! And who knows…lead to a happy heart in other areas of your life!

6) Grocery shopping is not one of my favourite things, but after watching a friend hum and sing through the aisles once, I thought “Hey, I should try that!” Humming or letting your heart dance to the tune on the speakers makes a menial task much more enjoyable!

7) Stretch before you start your office work day.

8)  As you drive to work, speak life instead of dreading the tasks of that day. I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me. I am a blessing. I make good decisions. I look for opportunities to give. I’m a good friend. And so on… The Bible says that life and death is in the power of the tongue.

9) If you normally do your make-up first, then hair – try doing your hair, then make-up. Who knows…you might find it saves you time? (I’m going to try this one!)

10) Perhaps you want to lose weight. Why not try switching out the word ‘diet’ for the word ‘living healthy”? Would that seem more positive and not so threatening in conversation? And it may just affect more areas than food.

Two degress. Slight change. Consistently. It doesn’t have to be over-spiritual or intelligent or deep. Just change one small thing in how you’ve been operating and I can almost guarantee you’ll reap huge results! Now don’t go trying ALL of these at once. Choose one thing to make and see how it affects the rest of your life!

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