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Becoming a woman…Tales of two sisters’ innocent blunders

July 15, 2011

I’m so thankful I’m a woman. In fact, very recently I’ve been even more grateful for all that learning to be a woman has done to me. ‘Er, for me 😉

But as any girl could attest to, some days we have to laugh at ourselves in order to hold back the tears while we’re on bended knee praying and wiping up the spilled milk. What a journey it is!

I have a sister. She’s 2.5 years older than me and my opposite in nearly every sense of the word. While she’ll hop on a Harley in a heartbeat, I’d prefer to drive a scooter along the coastline to my next latte. You can hear her laugh before you see her, I show up more quietly. She peed on her overall straps whilst on a road trip. I’ve been calling for “kitty” on a roadside pull-over in search of the victim feline. She bakes at 5am. I enjoy cooking without a recipe. We are very opposite and flourish in our own realm. You get my drift. We’ve both had to learn and come into our own, but not without some blunders!

We’re farm girls. We’ve herded cattle on horseback. Fed brand new calves their bottled milk. Shovelled **** and picked rocks in an endless field of stubble. I think they say at the age of 30 people start to take you more seriously. Does that mean I’ve arrived at womanhood? I still have so much yet to experience… but ah the memories my sister and I have…

Becoming a woman in our household …

  • Both of us first shaved our legs for the first time with Mom’s 1970’s electric razor. A menacing tape-wrapped gadget, it pulled a mean, plug. I was afraid to shave my legs at all (something about that electric pull, ya know?), but knew I just HAD to do it. While my sister went ALL the way when Mom only wanted her to shave half the leg. ‘Nuf said.
  • Tony hair perms. If you were raised in the 90’s you know exactly what those three words entail. 😉
  • My sister wore bright blue eye shadow and was questioned whether she was old enough. I was afraid to use hair spray.
  • Sleepovers with girlfriends. Early crushes on boys.
  • When I was 12 years old I got some moles removed and had to go to HIGH SCHOOL with Band-Aids, visible. So not cool 😉
  • I was the last girl in my class to wear a training bra or get my period. Or to get kissed likely for that matter!  Hmmm… and probably to have children!

So that’s all high school hormone years…. But what about adulthood moments of learning?

  • When I was 19…One of my first jobs was as an after school program assistant supervisor. At snack time, I began to pour fruit cocktail on empty placemats as all the kids, and supervisors, looked at me wondering where the bowls were! BLUSH! I also flubbed on jell-o for a church potluck. And ended up brining it anyway as “chunky punch”. I think someone turned purple they were laughing so hard. Also in my roomie years I have burned the plastic strainer…amongst many other things!
  • Baring my bright pink bra through unbuttoned blouse to the world at a press conference
  • I crushed on a guy for 7 years and it ending in my young broken heart
  • I remember endless times of broken down cars and damsel-in-distress calls to AMA for help. I used to drive a pink 1990 Ford Taurus and was told it was a granny car. Finally when I bought my Honda Prelude someone said “You’re totally gonna get married NOW!”
  • Or how about wanting the family, but you’ve been given a career. And realizing that dreams are in your heart for a reason, so you best go chase them.
  • My sister blundered in her garden by planting the onions, root UP. Needless to say, it wasn’t the torrential rains that inhibited those onions from growing!

Now at the ages of 32 and 30, these stories and experiences have made us who we are today. We’ve laughed in tired exhaustion and had no idea what we were laughing about. Sometimes life makes you want to break out into song. Sometimes tears.

Learning to be a woman takes gumption and courage. Do I tell the guy I like him or wait for the phone to ring? Why do I still compare myself when there’s really no need?  Does anyone notice me? Does what I do matter? Ohhhhh the questions! Yet Ohhhh the answers you find when you look to the Creator of the heart that asks them.

I ask God to help me realize more and more – it’s not in any way about what I DO, but who I am, that matters.

Learning womanhood can be very fascinating. Embrace the journey. Make memories.

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