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July 26, 2011

  I love to hear people’s stories of passion and pursuit of a dream. Last night I got the chance to speak with an 8 year old boy who, without spoiling the article to come,  is doing something far beyond in his league what any have done.

I spoke with his trainer and Dad, and they both said this young boy has such determination. The trainer said what really sets him apart is not the skill set (which he’s growing in) but the passion for what he’s doing.

The trainer said something that encapsulated the whole interview and really inspired me. “I’ve found the best way to overcome a fear is through motivation and encouragement. We’ll find you doing something right, instead of pointing out what you’re doing wrong.”

   And that is why this little boy is doing so well. He has passion, and the people around him are more focused on what he’s doing right than what he still needs to improve in. (Watch September issue of Red Deer Living magazine for the full story! 😉 )

The Bible says that we’ve been given the righteousness of God (2 Cor 5:21). We’ve been made right when we accept Jesus Christ and ALL that He paid such a high price for us to have. I don’t know about you, but Iknow I can still focus too much on what still has yet to change or grow, rather than what “rightness” God has already done in me.

Just like the picture above, God is completely in love with you. And He’s determined before you ever choose Him, that His love for you will never change. Out of love, He will not go.

So I ask you, what are you focusing on? What is your passion aimed at? Do you encourage those around you in what they’re doing right, or do you constantly pick out what needs improving?

I think this 8 year old boy has an amazing future ahead of him because he has passion, supportive parents, and a trainer that is determined to encourage his strengths. What an amazing gift!

I’m throwing out a challenge to myself and to you. Be that someone. That someone who elevates what people are doing right. Because that’s how God sees us. He doesn’t look at you and think “Wow…. They have such a looooooong way to go!” No, He looks at you and sees rightness. His child. Love.

Be that someone!

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