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September 6, 2011

Turning 30 to me was not only like a new beginning, but was a reminder that while I think I’m a visionary, it will also take determination to see great things accomplished in life.  3.5 months ago I decided that turning 30 was going to end in a dream. I had been budgeting and knew I’d be out of debt soon. I thought “How great would it be to go live abroad for a while as a single 30 year old and write my story…or the stories of those I meet?”

So, with what I can only tout as God’s special favour on freelance work and helping me learn to steward – I got out of debt this summer. And in three days I’m off to the UK for what I think will be about 6-12 months, all depending on God/work/open doors.

The last few weeks I have been madly packing, training and ending my full time work, saying good-byes, and learning how to leave a country legally… it has honestly left me a little tired! I recall the last time I went to England in 2008 for three months, it was much more an emotional experience. I cried a lot beforehand. I was scared, yet I knew without a doubt I was to go. And it changed my life.

Tonight as I packed my bags listening to the melodies of Shaun Macdonald, I noticed this glorious moon shining through the bathroom window.

I don’t know about you but for me, there are certain parts of nature that always beckon me to stop, be still, and enjoy. The ocean waves crashing against the shoreline. A forest of trees being kissed by warm sunlight. And tonight, it was the moon and the stars sparkling against a blackened sky.

When I saw the moon I thought, “This calls for a cup of tea and a pause in the packing!”

As I sat on the front step under the moonlight sipping my detox tea (tastes better than it sounds!)… I thanked God for that still moment. And I heard the familiar voices of this father and daughter that walk their dog by our house every night around 10pm. I can always hear them coming because she doesn’t quite pick up her feet when she walks and she’s got a deep voice. Consistently they come every night.

Tea sip*

I thought about the gift today was.  I remembered the time I had with my Cuban friends and their 3 year old son while out for coffee and what a delight it was to have him run into my arms when he saw me. It was a reminder I must learn Spanish while abroad!

Tea sip*

I remembered the bike-ride my sister and I took to this cute ice cream parlour. While licking our licorice cones her two-scoops ice popped off and hit the floor. Within seconds, it was back on the cone, ready for a second tasting. I laughed even harder when it happened a second time moments later, breaking the cone altogether. And she still ate the ice cream. Delights!

Tea sip*

I remembered the Skype call I had with my parents and brother and how this new technology made talking with family afar so much more personal. And I wondered why I had never tried it sooner!

Tea sip*

And as I have three sleeps until a new chapter opens up in my life, I’m reminded to always let God “woo me to remember”…no matter where He takes me in life. My heart is overloaded with thankfulness for the people He’s brought into my life, so I know He has a plan to continue that in the future.

September is often like starting a new year, for us all. I hope we can all take time to be wooed to remember all the amazing moments we’re given. Daily.

Tea sip*

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