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Hello Monday

September 12, 2011

In the three full days of being in England I’ve decided I cannot expect this time to look the same as last. 3.5 years changes a person and I do believe God has a different intention in bringing me back… however long it ends up being. Not knowing the end from the beginning is a little tough, but it forces me to trust daily what my heart is telling me. I’m expecting the unexpected!

Before I had even boarded the plane I had two different people ask if I knew what an “Essex girl” was. They were from England and when I said what part of the country I was staying in, on came that question. Fortunately, I was enlightened last go-around and I now know I am completely opposite of the atypical “Essex girl”.

After a 3.5hour flight delay, a very uncomfortable 9hour flight, another 1.5 hours at customs, and an hour drive home (with a wonderful friend!)…. All I wanted was a shower and a bed. The familiar travel exhaustion had hit.  When I woke up three hours later I heard the clicking of heels. I knew one of the two of my host couple was home. I went downstairs with my jetlag legs and found her in the back garden sitting on the swing, sipping tea and eating a muffin. I loved that after a long week at work that was the first thing she did when she got home!

I’m trying to quickly adopt the language differences. For instance, using the word “mobile” instead of “cell phone”. Rubbish for garbage. Wardrobe for dresser.  The couple I am staying with are brilliant and patient with my accent (oh yeah, I inherited that when I landed apparently!).

I realized yesterday as I rode the bus and train home from London, that perhaps my dreams of travel and making a difference in this world would be better fulfilled in a team setting. Doing it solo can be lonely and tiresome. I am asking God to open those doors for me and show me what that looks like.

So, hello Monday. I am looking out onto the same English garden that inspired me 3.5 years ago. But, the purpose of this time here is different. I read in Psalms 1 this morning that God directs the path of the godly. I am holding Him to that!

Now to plan what travel adventures the next few months will hold…

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