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You lost me at hello

September 16, 2011

I love accents. English, Australian, Scottish, Irish, French. People are truly amazing!

Yesterday I called a pub I always pass on my way to the train station as they had a sign that said “Watch the next rugby match here!” I thought that would be a very English experience so I rung them up to see when the next match would be.

All I caught from what the gentleman on the other line said was half-past nine Saturday and England plays next weekend.

“Alright, thanks, cheers!”

I’m not sure what a girl who doesn’t drink does in a pub at 9:30am, but it might be good for a memory! I love these several hundred year old buildings!

How quickly I forgot that I adopted an accent as soon as I landed in the UK. In some stores I have found myself explaining to clerks, “I’m from Canada, I just got here…” I’ve gotten both looks of “duh!” and sweet curiosity. My host couple has reminded me as they strain every so often to figure out what I’m saying that it’s clear I am not English. Even if I try to adopt phrases like ‘pick up the post’, ‘clean the hob’, ‘put it in the boot’, ‘I bought my mobile’ and ‘put the clothes in the wardrobe’.

It seems the more I try to be English the more clear it is I am completely Canadian. It made me think how true that is in life as well. The more we try to be something we aren’t the more evident it is what we truly are.

I read in Psalms 15 this morning the characteristics of a person who may enter God’s presence or worship in His sanctuary…. And as I read it they all boiled down to integrity. God sees it all anyway right?

So, rather than trying to be English, or trying to be what I admire in someone else, I want to fully embrace my Canadian accent Jesus loving way and remember that His plans for ME are perfect. And He won’t lose me at “hello”!

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