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{ Fresh Buns, Frogs, and Lighthouses: Purpose in Collection }

October 6, 2011

My delights as a farm girl came more in the form of what was to be found within the tree line of our yard, than out in the field. I loved flower gardening and from the age of 12 on, I adopted the duty of “beautifying the yard with color”. I loved the pets we had (and we had them all!). I loved the buffet of smells we would welcome in each season.  Hay for the horses, Dad’s eggs and coffee every morning, penicillin for the sick calf, Mom’s homemade buns, and one of my favourites – the smell of stirred up manure when dad was cleaning the corrals.

As most kids do, I had various collections. I went through a stage of collecting dairy cow figurines and décor for my room. I collected lighthouses when I was in love with Anne of Green Gables and the tales from the Maritimes. My sister and I collected little frogs in an ice cream pail (why not?!). On hot summer days the sweat trickled my brow as I, and others, laboriously collected rocks from the field to get the monetary award at the end. I collected vegetables from the garden for supper. My siblings and I had so much fun creating fun away from the TV (that is a whole other article that I won’t get started on today!)

In each of these things I was collecting, there was a purpose. Whether it was simple delight. Money for treats. Or food for the table. There was always a purpose in the collection.

Did you know God has a collection as well?

Psalm 56:8-9 reads, “You keep track of all my sorrows, You have collected my tears in your bottle, You have recorded each one in your book. On the day I call to you for help, my enemies will retreat. This I know, God is on my side.”

Nothing of your life goes unnoticed by our Heavenly Father – the good stuff and the hard stuff. Another verse I’ve read recently in Psalms says He “delights in every detail of our lives”. Nothing is insignificant where His children are concerned. Someday when I am a Mom, I will understand that commitment and love to a depth I know not right now.

But for now, be comforted my friends. God is collecting your details. He has a purpose for it. Whether it is a reward for you at the end. Some delight you don’t see yet. Or to feed someone else because of what you have gone through. There is a purpose in the collection.

Much love from me to you today ~

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  • Debbie October 15, 2011 at 4:46 AM

    Oh, I love that! God is collecting my details! Lovely post!

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