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A Marley & Me Moment

November 9, 2011

I had the privilege to grow up with many pets. A sorrel horse named Flicka; several farm dogs (a.k.a “mutts”) that captured our hearts until they went on to “doggie heaven”, and a fat cat I called Grey. Throw in the several cattle, chicken, sheep,  pigs on their way to the table, and the occasional skunk and coyote – our farm had them all at some point. They became a part of the family and are now a part of the image I have of my childhood.

Though my current single-30-year-old-travelling life doesn’t involve having my own kids or pets at this point in time … I can relate to that familial feeling and how precious it is.

The last few days I have been nursing a cold that I caught in the rain of Southampton last week. I decided to rent a few movies today from the Library and one of them happened to be “Marley and Me”. I’ve seen it before, remembered the gist of it, but hadn’t prepared myself for the fresh emotion!

This movie portrays family values, sticking and working through things together, and loving the life you have … even if it means a wild Yellow Lab is chewing on your couch cushions while you madly love your wife, life and kids.

I especially loved the final scene of reflection in the vet clinic where John is saying good-bye to Marley telling him, “You know how we always said you were a bad dog. Don’t believe it. You loved us ever day of our lives no matter what.”

I’m not going to pull anything deep or spiritual from this. Just that for me — I know I could do better at loving the life I have and this season of life even more, rather than always wanting something more. Or even the “next” season of life. This movie was a great curl-up-get-over-a-cold kind of movie to remind me of that 😉

So good night fellow readers, signing off, thankful for where I’m at….

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