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Tickled Ivories and New Beginnings

December 10, 2011

Dinner was warming on the stove. The Christmas lights exuded a warm glow in the front room, saying a festive hello to passersby. I had downed one glass of green tea and was expecting another (has anyone else ever tried and convince themselves they like something that is good for them to the point where they finally do?!) I heard raindrops begin to hit the windowpanes of the 1920’s English home.

During all this, I decided to tickle the ivories for a few minutes on the old oak upright piano in the back lounge.  I grew up taking lessons from my Mom, and played on a worship team in my early 20’s, but I have no recollection of theory with piano. I just like to sit down, and feel it. As I began to play, C, A, G, F … I saw little pictures in my mind’s eye that somehow matched the chords. The notes reminded me of a windy autumn day where lovers meet or kids go back to school. The notes made me think of worship and new beginnings.

A picture is worth a thousand words. And sometimes it leaves you speechless. A song lyric can wrap up an entire moment of our personal history. It is amazing what visual people we are.

In 2012, I will endeavor through every client, family and couple I meet, to provide a memory. An amazing one. I feel like every year gets better and better so I can only anticipate with joy what 2012 will bring creatively. I will be based out of Red Deer, Alberta once again in the new year.

This blog will be undergoing some changes in the next couple of months to become my main point of contact for all things creative; a new look, perhaps a new name, we shall see. I am very excited about the change let’s just say that 😉

Hold onto your festive booties and cups of tea, it’s going to be a great ride!

Is there an old family picture that awakens your senses? Or perhaps there is a song that you and your honey have claimed as your own that takes you back in time?

Tell me about it, I am listening …


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