December 12, 2011

December moonlight and soft white snowflakes fell on the English village that cool damp night. Amy walked the same way home after work she always did. Through the cobbled alleys of high street, past the shops with 30% off sale signs and colourful Christmas tree lights in their window displays.  From high up above it depicted a scene out of Polar Express. Magical.

Starbucks, as usual, beckoned with their 12 days of Christmas and a Grande Gingerbread Latte was had. Now she had a nice red cup to warm her hands on the way home.

Amy exited the coffee shop and looked left, then right.

Late night shopping had dawned on the community and it was time to be shoulder to shoulder just to make it out of the town centre. As Amy watched the masses of people chatter about their weekend plans and what they must buy next, Amy decided to sit on a bench to listen and watch.

Johnny wanted the new game for his iPad2. Cherry was sure her boyfriend saw the leather coat she just needed. And grumpy Grandpa was giving it everything he could to stand up in the crowd without wanting to push people over with his cane.

Please tell me we haven’t reduced Christmas to this?

Amy decided on a simple detour to get out of the crowd quicker. She sipped her gingerbread yumminess. Walked past the bookshop displays. And then she heard the gong of the cathedral bell off in the distance. Six rings. It was 6:00pm.

As she got closer she heard a faint sound of worshipers.

Oh come let us adore Him. Oh come let us adore Him…

Something inside of Amy smiled and rather than hurrying home to tackle her own to do list, she detoured to the cathedral. The doors were open, lights beckoned from inside. The singing got louder.

Oh come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord.

Amy finished her latte, chucked it in the bin and found a seat in the back of the cathedral. The choir was people of all ages gowned in purple robes and gold sashes. They didn’t need to hold hymnals, they just sang from their heart.

As Amy looked around inside the grand church she smiled. The color of stained glass windows always amazed her. The ornate beauty of this building that stood in this spot for over 500 years held her awe.

Now this is Christmas. The allure of worship may start small, but if you follow it, it gets bigger, and you get smaller. Until you find yourself where you just, have, to, adore Him.

Jesus, thank You. Now THIS is Christmas.

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