December 15, 2011

Its touch knows no boundaries; it fights to come in.
Fiercely devoted.
It would scour mountaintops and valley thrush to find you.
Never unseen.
No chains held or barred gates standing could withstand its power.
Spoken voice.
No wrong done or dark path trodden could be swept aside invisible.
It wants you.
No deed done or life lived upright could be worthy of its lavishness.
It just is.
It can see you when you can’t search anymore.
Never give up.
It can hold your head up and change the heart inside.
Life worth living.
It can see beyond today and past yesterday.
No separation.

It will leave you breathless and become your air.
It will fight for you, your life, your heart.
This. Is. Love.

by Lani Ledingham

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