Crumpled notes from Daddy

January 5, 2012

It’s a crumpled up piece of paper worn thin from years of being used as a bookmark or stuffed in random books. It has several colors of ink and a couple different types of handwriting. One is my Dad’s beautiful script, and one is my scribbles from when I was a little girl.

I have had this piece of paper stuffed in my Bible for a long time, and just the other day actually tried to decipher what notes my Dad had written.  I’ve scribbled all over his paper with random hearts, “I love you.”

As I was curled up in bed the other night, ready to bid adieu to the damp English eve, I pondered this scribble piece of paper. The title reads, “The Basics of Trusteeship”.

I have been writing down thoughts and wants for 2012. As I studied this sheet of paper two sentences my Dad wrote on this worn sheet some 25 years ago, jumped out at me, “Be sure and look at your mandate. Know your authority.”

Notes from my Dad’s (aka… Daddio) paper years ago were what I needed to hear in that moment. So what did that mean to me?

For 2012, be sure and look at YOUR mandate. Not someone else’s. What is YOUR purpose?  Remember who you are and walk boldly  in that.

I had literally JUST asked God for something to lead this year off, and moments later I found this worn note in my Bible. I took it as Jesus knowing exactly what I needed in that moment.

So this goes out to all you daughters. Whether your Daddy is still in the picture of your life, or not – you are still a daughter. I know for certain that God would love to give you a hug to jumpstart your year. Or, jumpstart your life.

Some of us daughters like pretty things right down to the shoes, handbag and dress all to be matching.

Some of us prefer to rustle up the cattle on horseback and ride off into the sunset. Of course, we would have our own horse.

Some would rather sit by a campfire with our guitar and friends until all we see is the starry night sky and embers of a once-there-fire.

Some of us have babies. Some of us have found the love of our life. And some of us are happily single and open to Mr. Perfect-For-Me if he comes along.

And some of us daughters, might need a word from our God to jump start the year. Well, I can guarantee, if you ask, He will answer.

Daughter to daughter, we’ve got what it takes to make 2012 amazing!

Be sure to look at your mandate. Know your authority.


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  • Anonymous January 13, 2012 at 2:39 AM

    Lanilee you bring tears to my eyes when I read your blogs, they are so heartfelt!

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