The Story of Us – Barton Family

February 9, 2012

My first introduction to this family was at the Christmas panto at church. When I first heard “panto” I imagined white-faced-non-dialogue plays and wondered what the heck I was getting involved with! I soon learned, that “pantomime” in England means something very different where Christmas plays are concerned.

There is always a baddie in a panto, and the bad guy just happened to be Gareth, the Daddy in this family. Bad guy by night, Photographer/Freelancer/Daddy by day. I was able to meet his wife and kids shortly thereafter and they have since captured my heart. Philippa is a professional violinist and plays all over England at various concerts.

And then there is Ollie and Jonty. Ollie is an independent spirit who loves her cat Matilda. Jonty is a cuddly four-year-old who recently sang me “happy birthday” over the telephone. They, are, adorable. As some of you may have seen recently, Gareth took some shots of me in London, and so now… here is his family. We took a walk through the park and ended the chilly afternoon with some hot chocolate.

Full of love and sweetness, here is the Barton family…

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