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A new season begins

February 28, 2012

The journey abroad has come to a full stop, but the memories and pictures will last forever. I have been in Canada a few days and have had an ongoing (and every changing) list of to-do’s.  I feel overwhelmed with blessing for how things have come together on my return home. For those of you who followed my journey while I lived in the UK, thank you!  To those of you who encouraged, prayed, and cheered for me, or ooohed and aaahed at my photos …. A huge thank you.  You are a part of my journey!

As I settle into a new home, new job, back at my home church, I feel like a brand new book has been pulled off the shelf. You know that smell of a brand new read from the bookstore? It’s like a new tale is waiting to unfold and all you want to do is go sit in your chaise by the window and discover it. Enjoy it.

I approach this new season with goals in mind that will require focus, determination, creativity and a lot of prayer. While blogging abroad about travels is fun, and it’s been my delight to share, I now feel the need to pull back from the online world and really focus on what will produce in my life. Rather than “share” my life, I want to be sure that I am living it in person with the people I love, and developing the gift within me. Plus, I have a brand new job awaiting my attention! 😉

So dear readers, for a season, blog posts will be much fewer.  However, I can still be contacted for photography services throughout this year.

Who knows, perhaps there’s a New York Time’s Bestseller in me, some idea that no one else has come up with, or maybe there’s new faces to be added to this journey (aren’t there always?). I want to make space in my life for it all!!

~ From my heart to your screen, Lani


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  • Mary Marantz March 26, 2012 at 11:40 AM

    LOVE!!! Congrats on the new chapter!


  • lanilea March 26, 2012 at 12:54 PM

    Thank you Mary! You mentioned in a recent post about season of hard work, and seasons of rest. I feel this one is a season of hard work and I need to be intentional about it! You guys inspire me 🙂

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